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Tips to Having a Great Salon Consultation

Salon business is a people business. You are workng with people who have put great faith in you. What you do greatly determines their level of happiness and confidence. For that, it’s crucial to know more about them. As a hairstylist, you need to have a consultation with your salon client for the primary reason that both of you will know what the options are and what to expect.

A consultation with a client also has other significance. No matter whether you have a decade of hairstyling experience or you are just two months out of cosmetology school, you are the expert here. Your client looks up to you for analysis and advice. Therefore, it’s important that you take it seriously and not just as a necessary meet and greet before you start your job.

An excellent way to approach it is to be like a medical professional. Think of it as a diagnosis for their cosmetic needs. Just as a doctor wouldn’t jump to the treatment before an examination, you too shouldn’t be in a hurry to get to work. You have to know what they have been up to, what’s been troubling them, and what the main purpose of their visit is.

Clients form their opinion of a hairstylist partly due to the quality of the job and partly due to how comfortable they feel. A salon client consultation is an effective way to make them feel at ease. To help you with that, here are 5 tips to have a great consultation with a salon client.

5 tips for salon client consultation

1. Prepare before meeting them

You may have just spent an hour working on someone’s hair but if you are meeting a client, take a moment to relax. Pause, take a deep breath and make sure that you are presentable. You should look happy to see them, not hurried and frazzled.

2. Greet them like a friend

Don’t ask someone to send them in. You should step out to the waiting area and welcome them. Smile as you see them, and address them politely. It’s a great skill to remember your clients’ names. Even if you don’t, call the reception and ask for the name. As you meet the client, shake their hand.

3. Know the context

When you sit with the client, have them fill out a consultaion form. Ensure that they are facing you and not the mirror. If they are a new client, ask them the reason for their visit and what their expectations are. If they are an existing client, enquire about the recent past, whether they have been well, whether they have traveled, etc. And remember their answers.

4. Make them feel comfortable

Once you know why they are there, gently run your fingers on their hair. This will go a long way in making them feel comfortable. Now you can give your suggestions on what needs to be done. Don’t go overboard and suggest too many things. If they say no to something, gracefully accept it.

5. Get feedback and thank them

Once the session is over, you must ask them for their feedback. You should also give suggestions on hair maintenance. After that, you must thank them. You could use this as an opportunity for up-selling by suggesting other services and products. Before they leave, you could also ask them about their next appointment to increase brand recognition and loyalty.

Along with your hairstyling service, if you get the consultation right, you are looking at a lifelong client.

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