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TikTok Made Me Buy | Naomi's Favorite Products


So being the Social Media Manager, I am on my phone majority of the day, especially Tiktok! Here are some of my favorite products I found on Tiktok and from self-discovery.

The Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla shampoo and conditioner were one of the 1st products I used on my hair once all of the perm was cut off. This product smells so amazing and makes my hair feel so soft. Right now I currently only use the conditioner in a diluted form for my locs.

I recently started using the Shea Moisture Hydrate+Repair Shampoo and it left may feeling clean but not so dry and brittle

as some shampoo products have done my hair in the past. This shampoo is specifically for dry, and that has been what I have been struggling with lately with my locs. The shampoo is moisturizing and doesn't leave my hair fully stripped of all the natural oils.

The Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey is keeping my scalp moisturized, and my Daughters' hair also loves it as well. Their extremely dry scalp has improved significantly. It also is amazing on locs because it doesn't create build up! It meals almost like an oil, leaving your scalp moisturized for the entire day.

Lastly, the TGIN Rose water collection is one of my favorites when I haven't created another batch of homemade rose water. The foam and the spray are very light-weight and hydrating! TGIN stands for Thank God It's Natural, and safe and natural ingredients are very important to me, with my children have sensitive skin.

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