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The Best Free Apps to Run a Seven Figure Natural Hair or Braid Business

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

How do you organize your natural hair or braiding business? When you first start a braiding business, it might be easy to keep track of your handful of customers manually. But if you’re aiming to run a seven-figure natural hair business, you’ll never make it. You’ll spend far too much time on administrative tasks and won’t have enough time to dedicate to your customers.

Thankfully, technology offers many helpful tools. Check out this roundup of the best free apps to that we use to run Zamora.

1. Facebook

There are over 2.6 trillion active Facebook users and that number keeps rising by the second. In other words, if you aren’t on Facebook, you haven’t joined the party.

Facebook allows you to create a business page where you can showcase information about your business such as hours, location, specials, and more. You can post photos of your work and clients can leave reviews and leave comments about their experience.

You can also use Facebook ads as an inexpensive way to direct ads to your target audience.

2. Instagram

In any given second, Instagram users upload more than 1,000 photos to the platform! Instagram also allows you to create a business account that provides a few details about your business, although it is more limited than Facebook.

However, the stars of Instagram are the photos. Beautiful images are flooding Instagram by the second and you can use yours to attract new clients. Target your clientele by using location-based and other relevant hashtags.

To stand out, your photos need to look fantastic. Check out our post here for taking killer Instagram photos.

3. Setmore

After you open a natural hair salon and have a steady stream of clients, how do you keep track of them all? Setmore makes it simple. The app automates bookings, send reminders, and even takes payments through the Square integration.

It also integrates with Facebook and Instagram, allowing the software to take bookings directly from your Facebook page and display your Instagram feed right on the booking page.

The best part is that it’s free! Upgrade to their inexpensive monthly plan if you would like more features.

4. Square

Receive payments hassle-free through Square. Create invoices, track payments, accept credit cards, accept payments on your website and more with this versatile payment solution app.

5. Wave

Accounting can seem like quite the headache. However, at tax time you will be thankful you went to the effort to keep track of all your income and expenses. Trying to figure out the entire mess at once is a nightmare you’ll never want to experience.

The Wave app takes accounting and makes it simple. It automatically tracks all your income and expenses in one handy place. Plus, it creates and sends professional invoices to keep things classy.

Finally, you can scan receipts into the app at any time with your smartphone. Now you don’t have to manually keep track of business expenses or worry about losing receipts. It’s all taken care of for you by Wave. All you have to do is enjoy the tax deduction!

6. Canva

Want to create advertisements that really jump out and grab a potential customer’s attention? Of course! The Canva app makes this super easy.

Instead of tired advertisements repurposed from ones you found on the Internet, easily create your own fresh designs and personalize your ads to your brand. Choose from ready-made formats designed to display perfectly in different mediums. For example, you’ll need a different-sized photo for a long, rectangular Facebook cover photo than for a square one for Instagram.

7. Gmail

Gmail allows you to set up a professional-looking email address with your business name for free. The intuitive inbox makes it easy to keep track of your emails. Incoming emails can be automatically sorted according to certain labels and Gmail stores canned responses you can send at the touch of a button to save time.

The app sends notifications to whatever device you choose. This helps you keep on top of your emails and get back to customers quickly.

8. Google Voice

Wouldn’t it be nice to hand your customers one phone number where you can be reached at all times? You could give them your mobile number, but the idea of handing out your cell phone number to a bunch of strangers is less than pleasant. So, you have a business phone at your salon, a home phone at home, and your cell phone number that you might give to more trusted clients.

That’s where Google Voice comes in handy. Set up an account and link several phones and devices under the umbrella of one phone number. Choose which device will ring according to the time of day or set it up so they all ring and you’re sure to never miss a call. You can even take calls on your computer!

The account and domestic calls are free, eliminating roaming charges when you travel within the US.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

These eight free apps are the perfect tools you need to ramp up your business and aim for that enticing seven-figure salary. Start taking advantage of them and watch your business grow today!

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