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Natural Hair Night Care

Getting your natural hair done and not messing it up at bedtime can seem like an enigma. I have seen women sleep sitting up, with their chin on folded hands on the pillow, and even arms folded on a table, (Don't worry I've done it too) all in efforts to protect their natural hair style. The question is, "Is this necessary?" Now ladies, I know our hair is important but we all know we need our BEAUTY SLEEP so the simple answer is, NO!

Today, I am going to give you some tips and tricks to sleep peacefully without having to worry about your hair.

First a disclaimer, I can't help you Tazmania devil sleepers, of course you can try these techniques anyway but if you wake up and your pillows and comforter set are on the floor you may want to try sitting up, other than that though, I got you!

To start you will need to go to the beauty supply, walmart, or and order some night time supplies for every style. You will need a bonnet, a satin scarf, cotton scarf, extra long bobby pins, sheen, and a satin pillow. You will not be using every item at once but they are all necessary for different styles.

For instance if you get a rod set, wash n go, twist out, braid out, etc, you will need the bonnet I also suggest having bobby pins as well just to hold the bonnet in place. Step by Step, you will want to first keep your part by placing bobby pins on either side. If you don't have a part you can skip this step. Then gently place the bonnet over your curls, kinks, or waves, making sure you gather every strand, GENTLY. Then use the bobby pins to secure the bonnet. I suggest putting one on the front back and the sides. A trick is to poke a hole in the top of the bonnet or near the part and put a bobby pin there as well. Now. Go to sleep! In the morning take the pins out and the bonnet off give your hair a little fluff and add some sheen and you are set to conquer the world or as we say "Be Extraordinary and Rule The World"!

For Braids, Twists, Crochets, and most extensions styles. Pull all of the hair into a loose bun at the top of your hair and use the silk scarf to wrap the circumference of the style and protect your edges

These styles do not require as much maintenance so, relax and enjoy the style. Don't do the most.

Wig care is all about how you install your wig. I know many women who do the "hat" method which is pull it on in the morning and take it off at night. Others sew their wigs down and use lace glue to keep their hair in place. Either way using a silk pillow and a scarf is always a safe method to protect your wig.

Final Thoughts! Always do your best to protect your natural hair style it's how you get a bang for your buck and maintain healthy hair.

Pro tip: Never leave a protective style in for more than 6 weeks if you can help it. If you do you risk breakage and locking.

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