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How to Start your Natural Hair, Braid, or Loc Bridal Business

A woman’s wedding day is huge and will be immortalized in photos for many years to come. As such, everybody on the bridal entourage wants to look just right. As a beauty service provider, you’ve got the task of doing just that! And because many brides have specific hair needs, such as those with natural hair. For tips and guidance on starting your own niche bridal business, read on.

1. Costs and Certifications

Before opening your business, you must have the appropriate certifications and licenses necessary if you have a salon. If you are simply operating in a mobile manner or from home, these may not be necessary. However, customers often appreciate certification.

You must also be aware of the cost to start your business and build your kit. You should have a financial plan which includes the costs of your inventory, ads, building a website, marketing, etc.

2. Design your Brand

What colors represent your brand? What fonts, shapes, and symbols? Keep your branding consistent and true to you. Ensure that your care and expertise with natural hair are front and center. Brides who are on the same wavelength will be attracted to your business, and your business will be recognizable and professional.

3. Create a Service Menu and Price List

These are always handy for customers to see if you suit their specific texture and care needs. Great pricing is key to attracting customers. Too low and they won’t believe you provide high quality services, too high and they won’t be attracted.

4. Advertise your Brand

If your potential customers don’t know that you exist, they can’t be your customers. Ensuring that your target demographic sees you is key. Traditional online marketing is a great choice, but so is setting up a social media especially for your business is key as well. Target brides with natural hair by posting tons of inspos, how-to content, and wedding planning tips featuring braids and locs! Brides with natural hair know all too well that often they are underrepresented in the world of bridal beauty and general hair styling, so this will help them see that you are a good fit for them.

5. Provide Amazing Service

On one of the biggest days of their lives, these brides and their bridesmaids are counting on you to help them look stunning. When consulting with the bride, ask her to bring inspo, what headpieces she will wear, and create a lookbook of hair and makeup for reference and inspiration during the consultation. This way, you’ll both know what you have in mind and be happier with the end result. Plus, the best way to grow your business is by word of mouth. If brides love you, they will tell their friends not just in real life, but on social media, and you will definitely have more customers!

6. Be Ready to Go Mobile

It would be unfeasible to have all your kit and therefore services locked up at one location. Ensure that you have a mobile kit to take with you on-scene at the bride’s venue of choice. Be flexible as well, as space and facilities will not always be up to your standards!

7. Build up Photography Skills

A great way to grow is to be able to showcase, by yourself, your beautiful work. Not only to your social media, but on your portfolio, website, and service list as well. Nothing stuns more than a great photo of great work.

8. Build your Network

Make sure that not only your community (on and offline) know you offer bridal services for natural hair, but wedding planners, photographers, caterers, and popular local wedding venues as well! With a niche, you’ll soon become the one they call whenever that niche pops up.

9. Never Stop Learning

Finally, the mark of a true professional is to never stop learning. Your repertoire should be ever-expanding to keep up with trends and styles suited to but also able to be modified for natural hair, braids, and locs! The greatest artists (and you are an artist) never stop learning new styles, techniques, and methods. This ensures your work is versatile, dynamic, trendy, and that you’re a knowledgeable, true professional.

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