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Happiness heals Me

Here are some affirmations to bring happiness. Say them twice a day.

A positive attitude supports my mental and physical wellbeing. Happiness is healing.

Being cheerful gives me the motivation and energy to take care of myself. I adopt lifestyle habits that keep me strong and fit.

I stay active and exercise regularly. I strengthen my heart and muscles. I increase my flexibility and balance. I take breaks from sitting. I do manual chores and more around more each day.

I eat a nutritious diet. I prepare delicious meals and snacks with vegetables, fruits, and other whole foods. I cut back on added sugar and salt.

I manage my weight. I lose excess pounds safely and gradually.

I sleep well. I stick to a consistent schedule for going to bed and waking up. I use soothing rituals that help me to fall asleep quickly. I keep my bedroom dark and quiet.

I reduce stress. I find something to laugh about in difficult situations. I let minor annoyances slide off my back instead of dwelling on them. I find relaxation practices that work for me.

I stay connected. I cultivate close relationships. I express gratitude and affection. I stay in touch with family and friends. I ask for help when I need it.

I set goals. I challenge myself to keep growing and learning.

I talk with my doctor. I discuss my mental health as well as physical symptoms. I ask questions and follow their recommendations.

Today, I lead a happy and healthy life. I invest in myself by being positive and purposeful.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I define happiness?

  2. What is the difference between happiness and pleasure?

  3. How do my emotions affect my health?

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