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5 Styles You Won't Learn in Cosmetology School

You might be wondering which beauty school is right for you.

Chances are that you’ve come across a lot of cosmetology schools that specialize in teaching you about things like hair, skin, nails and the use of chemicals in hair products. While the techniques they teach in these schools are valuable, they don’t cover everything. In fact, traditional cosmetology schools fall short in one very important area in particular: black hair braiding. The good news is- there’s another option: braiding school.

Choosing to attend braiding school instead of a traditional cosmetology school will give you a unique set of skills that will allow you to help a lot of people. Here’s a chart outlining some of the main differences between the two schools:

In this article we’ll go over 5 styles you won’t learn in cosmetology school (but will learn in braiding school.) 1. Feed in cornrows

This style of black hair braiding involves ‘feeding in’ increasingly thick pieces of hair to create the cornrow. Using the client’s hair, a starter braid is created, and synthetic braiding hair is added to create a natural looking, beautiful cornrow.

2. Braids with extensions Braid extensions are a great way to enhance braids by adding length and volume. This look is achieved by taking synthetic or real hair and clipping or sewing it into your natural hair to create a variety of different looks.

Three of the main types of braid extensions hairstyles include things like:

· Braiding hair extensions into box braids

· Braiding hair extensions into cornrows

· Crochet box braids

3. Cutting kinky curly hair Something else that most cosmetology schools don’t cover is how to cut kinky, curly hair. They don’t answer common questions like:

· Is it better to cut curly hair wet or dry?

· Should curly hair be cut in layers?

· Is there a special way to cut curly hair?

In braiding school you’ll learn the advantages of cutting damp hair instead of dry curls. You’ll under how this technique helps the stylist better understand the natural curl pattern so a better cut can be achieved. 4. Wig making Wigs are in high demand- especially if they are well made. Learning how to create a wig means that you can customize special pieces for yourself or your clients at a fraction of the price it would cost to buy an expensive wig from another retail store. A crochet human hair lace wig is a popular choice because it’s affordable and allow you to create a number of different looks- it’s a win-win.

5. Crochet braids This hair braiding technique involves crocheting synthetic hair extensions into the natural hair with a latch hook. Braiding school will teach you how to create these beautiful braids, but crochet hair can also be worn straight, twisted or curly.

While this style is considered a hybrid of traditional braids, they’re actually quite similar to weaves and are very versatile.

Because the world needs you.

Black hair braiding is a specialized skill set that is definitely in demand. By embracing a career path in this field, you can make a positive difference in a lot of people’s lives while exercising your own creativity. Don’t feel limited to traditional cosmetology, braiding school could be a great opportunity for you!

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