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To Crochet or Not to Crochet

To crochet or not to crochet, that is the question!

As a Naturalista you probably know about the protective style. crochets! If not, I'll break it down and show you a picture below. Crochets are a protective style that uses a crochet needle to add hair extensions. First, your hair is cornrowed and then the added hair is knotted around the cornrow. It comes out looking like these different styles and more.

You can rock crochets with loose curly hair, wavy, locs, braids, tight curls, or whatever you can think of. I personally like to rock it with a bang and give the baby hair and edges a well-needed vacation.

Now, to answer your question about to crochet or not to crochet. Why not! Crochets are a safe and easy way to try all types of styles, colors, and textures without adding too much tension to your hair or scalp! They offer your hair a break from consistent brushing and pulling from styling and they offer you a chance to have a style where you can just get up and go. Crochets are one of THE BEST protective styles for your hair and I'm not trying to be biased here. I will say crochets need to be taken care of. Be sure to invest in quality extensions to avoid matting and tangles. If you do get some matting, cut it out or pull it apart. Also, do not leave your crochets in for more than 8 weeks. Often times when we are feeling our style we will just leave it in. This is a nono and can be counterproductive because your hair may loc and tangle while braided. Then what?! Your hair will be in the comb instead of on your head! So what are the takeaways? Get a crochet style, have fun with the style and color, only wear crochets for 6-8 weeks or less, and watch your hair grow.

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