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What styles are actually protective?

Who doesn't love a great protective style? I know I do! How

ever not all "protective styles" are made the same! Today we are going to go over the top 3 protective styles and discuss why they are or are not protective styles.


1. Braids. 1st let's talk about braids! Braids are a staple protective

style. Box Braids, lemonade braids, and cornrows. These are all great styles that can be protective if they are properly executed. Stylist have to be aware of the sensitivity of the hair line and can not grip hair too tight. If the hair is gripped too tight clients will lose hair and may even go bald. Clients have to make sure they remove the braids within 6-8 weeks, if not the risk damage from pulling and locing. Braids are wonderful but be cautious of the length of time that you wear them.


2. Wigs. We all love wigs but we all know the damage wigs can cause as well. The constant friction can cause traction alopecia and the glues

don't help either. Make sure when you are applying a wig that you use care. Do not place glue or gel on your edges put the wig in front of your edges. Also if you feel that your wig often shifts you may need to reduce how frequently you wear it or take your wig off at night. Remember, too much of anything is bad.


3. Crochets. are our favorite protective style! If you have to pick one style out of the 3 and you are suffering from damage, want to retain length, or just looking for the safest way to protect your hair and not have to do it then choose this protective style. Crochets are very versatile and do not cause friction or pulling on the hair. Making the best and perfect protective hair style!

Want to learn more about protective styles? Listen to our podcast Zamora presents The Natural Hair Chronicles to learn more about which styles are protective and which are not. The link for that podcast is below.

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