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Why is My Hair So Dry?


We have three reasons why you may be experiencing dry hair!

1. First let's talk about what's happening on the inside! What are you eating, are you hydrated, do you have a vitamin deficiency? A lot of people forget that whats happening on the inside affects the outside and not just your skin but your hair and nails as well. So remember to lead a healthy lifestyle ESPECIALLY staying hydrated and you will see a change in your hair and your health!

2.What products are you using? Many times naturalistas love to use creamy products however creamy products sit on top of the hair and do not add moisture to the hair. If you feel your hair is dry and needs moisture you need to use WATER BASED products. The water the product is what penetrates the hair and adds the moisture to make your hair softer.

3. This one is a biggie and not always what people want to hear but it's fact. The more curly and kinky your hair is the less it reflects light. Sometimes we want our hair to look shinier than it does and because it looks dull we feel it may be dry or lacking something. The truth is our hair is not naturally shiny and even though you may drink your water, add your water to your hair and all take very good care of your hair, you may never get that shine you want. We suggest using a quality sheen spray to add some life to your hair and give your hair a little more shine! Make sure that the sheen is light and airy so it doesn't weigh hair down but it add just enough UMPH!

If you do one of these three things or all of these three things you should find that you have healthier more moisturized hair!

Want to hear us chat about it in person and maybe answer some unanswered questions? Tune in to The Natural Hair Chronicles! Click Here!

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