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How to Care For Box Braids

Box Braids Baby!!

Wear them in the summer, wear them in the​​ winter, wear them all year long!! We love a good box braid style.

Why?! Because it is convenient, protective, and #alwaystrending! The question of the day is How do I care for my box braids? Have you ever had braids and thought I will NEVER EVER EVER do that again by the time you took them out! Well, I am here to help you understand how to care for box braids so you don't feel that way. Here are 4 key things you need to know when getting box braids.

1. Protect your edges SIS

With box braids being a great protective styles but also a high tension style you have to be aware of how you wear them. Try not wear your hair tight ponytails or buns for long period of time. The tension already on your edges along with the added tension from the ponytail or bun will cause your fragile edges to break down.

2. Time Time Time

Many of us grew up with Moesha and think that we can leave braids in for two years and just get the edges redone. This is not a good idea! The weight of the braids. Will pull your hair out and damage it. The rule of thumb is to only keep the styles in for 6-7 weeks MAX! Trust us on this one sis. You don't want to have locs forming in your braids and you edges running to the nape.

3. Be Gentle. The Take Down

Taking your hair down can be the most annoying part of having

box braids. A lot of times when we are taking down the braids we were done with the style a week or two ago and just procrastinated take down. Just remember, be gentle. You hair is in a fragile state at this point and tugging and pulling your hair is not going to help anything

4. Be honest

Be honest with your stylist at all times! Whether the style is too tight, uneven, or just plan wrong. Tell them. There is nothing worst than having a style you don't like or a style that is unflattering. Be open with your stylist! Say Stop!

And that's all folks! I hope you enjoyed these few tips on how to have a better experience with your box braids!

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