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Natural Hair at the Met Gala!

The Met Gala was this past week! Let's review all the beautiful Natural and Afrocentric styles that graced the red carpet! We are all positive vibes and in love with all the styles. What did you all think?

provided by Getty Images

Tracee Ellis Ross rocked her natural hair as usual with cornrows going to the back loose waves/curls going towards the back

Zoe Zaldana work and textured, fluffy blowout with a purple flower bow. She looks fabulous.

Bevy Smith from Bravo's Fashion Queen and currently her show Bevelations wore her natural hair with an added extension for a very beautiful braid. It is important to mention that she was glammed and styled by an all black team.

Danai Gurira worked cornrows with beads! This style was a win! It is trendy, cute, and oh so cultured!

Artist Kelela work her lovely locs freshly twisted in a bob style.

Zoe Kravitz rocked straight backs! This was surprising as most of us hide our straight back under our wigs however, SHE DID THAT.

Lupita N'yongo wore a beautiful fro with black power pics!

Ciara wore a HUGANTIC Kinky fro that reached from D.C to Cali. It was so beautiful. She was giving us life

The Celebs really came to represent this year and we are so proud to see so many styles that represent the culture! Tell us what you think! Is there anyone we missed?

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