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What's My Hair Type? Why the whole system is B.S

Sorry Andre Walker but we have to set the record straight! As natural hair stylist and instructors many times our clients and students come in asking us to categorize their hair but hair, especially natural hair, can not be

categorized. Most times when dealing with natural hair someone will have different patterns throughout their hair. That's why the classification system is impossible.

Personally, I have a much looser curl pattern in the front than I have in the back and depending on my hair care regimen and the time of the year my hair textures may seem different all together. I think that the chart is cute but it is deceiving for a lot of people so we need to make sure we are communicating that the chart is an idea not a fact about hair that we should blindly follow.

The hair chart trend has made people like you and me look up styles for 4a hair and think their hair is going to look the same as someone else's but YOUR hair is different from anyone else's hair. Just because someone with "4a" hair that looks like yours says, "this product works for me" doesn't mean it will work for you. It also doesn't mean the styles that they do on their hair will look the same with your hair. Your hair may have more frizz, dryness, oil, shrinkage or a plethora of others things.

So, before considering follow this hair chart. Just spend time with your hair get to know it without classification. Go to a natural hair stylist and ask about general hair health and practices that can help you get to healthier, happier hair. Hair care does not start at the hair classification chart it starts at consistent care and personal preference.

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