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3 Tips For Swimming With Natural Hair


As summertime approaches and our hearts fill with joy as we say goodbye to the cold, wet, gloomy weather and hello to summer clothes, vacations, and the pool and beach. We have to be aware of the salt and chlorine that gets in our hair while enjoying water activities. Although there is nothing quite like fun in the sun and sand. The most relaxing part of the summer is being near the water but for natural, textured hair it can be the most dangerous part of the summer, drying out your hair and causing breakage. Below are some tips to get you through the summer without destroying your hair.


Tip #1: Before you get in the pool put your hair in a protective style. What does this mean? DO NOT WEAR IT OUT AND LOOSE! Why not? I'm glad you asked, when your hair is loose it is more likely to soak up more salt and chlorine than it would if it was tied up in a sleek bun, ponytail or twist. You are then allowing the harmful chemicals to penetrate your entire hair and soak in throughout your hair. It is also not a good idea to wear your hair loose because for us kinky haired girls we can go from a beautiful wash n go to a lopsided TWA and "Where they do that at?"


Tip #2: If you are doing a lot of swimming this summer than do not shampoo your hair every time! We know this sounds crazy, however, chlorine and salt are both drying agents and shampoo draws out the moisture as well. The best things for frequent swimmers to do is co-wash after every swim and shampoo on a normal schedule, once a week or once every other week.


Tip #3: Wet Your Hair and Condition it before getting into the water. This may sound strange but it's important and it helps! What you are doing by wetting the hair before you enter the pool is not allowing your hair the opportunity to soak up as much chlorine and salt. Since the hair is already wet and already absorbing moisture it is not as susceptible to the chlorine and salt. You also want to condition your hair with an oil or leave in. We suggest oil. The oil will act as a barrier against salt and chlorine and can also protect your hair from harmful UV rays.


So Let's Review!

If you are going swimming wet your hair, oil it, wear a protective style, and do not over shampoo! That's it, simple right!?


Product Highlight for the Summer

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