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What's Causing Your Hair Loss?

Hair Loss is a sensitive subject for any woman. Sometimes we see things happening in our hair and have no clue why. Today, we are going to give you 5 reasons behind the hair loss you may be experiencing. We hope that knowing some of these reasons will influence you to visit a hair stylist or dermatologist that can help you to repair the damaged or balding areas of your hair or influence you to stop whatever it is you may be doing that is affecting your hair loss.

Number 1: Stress

We want to start where most people end when discussing hair loss. Stress! It is important to attract positivity, light, and balance into your life. When surrounding yourself with negativity, darkness, and chaos your whole body will be affected. Before you decide that you need treatment right away be sure to consider if you are going through a chaotic time in your life or find yourself under tremendous stress. At our salon, we have seen countless clients who tell us that whenever they are stress or bothered about something they have a reoccurring bald spot or patch that is in the center or near the edges of their hair. Be aware of this and find your balance.

Number 2: Tight, heavy, friction causing, braids, weaves and wigs!

Although these styles are normally unbelievably cute and convenient they can also be your worst enemy. The term used to describe the type of hair loss you may be experiencing from these styles is traction alopecia! Traction alopecia occurs as gradual hair loss, caused primarily by pulling force being applied to the hair. Many braid styles that are tight and long with cause traction alopecia due to weight and tightness. Wigs cause traction alopecia due to friction or tightness around the hairline. Weaves or cornrows cause traction alopecia due to tightness and pulling in one direction. Clients normally see the effects of traction alopecia when they remove a style that caused the traction alopecia. Our suggestion for people who are experiencing traction alopecia is to stop what you are doing and give your hair a break immediately whether that means switching to a different protective style or no longer wearing any type of tight style is up to the discretion of you and your stylist or dermatologist. Traction alopecia can be permanent, so do what is best for your hair first!

Number 3: Medication

If you have recently started a new medication that can also be the cause of your hair loss. Sometimes different types of medication can react poorly with color or your body's chemistry in general. It is important to pay close attention to the different medication that you ingest and how your body reacts to it.

Number 4: Heat Damage and Edge Taming

Too much heat on your hair can cause extensive thinning. Sometimes while wearing straight styles women find themselves over styling to tame their edges. Maybe you are using excessive heat to keep your hair from curling or tame flyaways, this will ultimately cause thinning. Laying baby hair can also cause thinning, using hard bristle brushes daily to lay your edges will begin to pull hair and begin to cause gaps in your hairline.

Number 5: Scalp Conditions and Heredity

The last reason you may be experiencing hair loss is that of a scalp

baldness occur in both men and women. This disorder is unavoidable but can be treated if caught early by a dermatologist.

If none of these reasons apply to you please contact a dermatologist immediately so they can evaluate your scalp and diagnose your hair loss symptoms.

If you would like a hair loss treatment or just some really nice people to take care of your hair call us at 2402449065 or make an appointment at

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