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Should I get the Big Chop?

The big chop can be the scariest and most empowering decision a natural or transitioning woman makes about her hair. Many of us ask ourselves a few questions while considering the big chop like "Am I going to like it?" "Will everyone else like it?" and "Do I need it?". Today we are going to address these questions and give you three signs you need the big chop.

First let's talk about the question of if everyone else is going to like it...Put that out of your mind girl! Often times women come into our shop saying things like "..but my husband" or "I want to but my friend said.." listen ladies, you have to live for you! You are fabulous and your hair does not define you plus if you want it, go for it! The next question is "Am I going to like it?" with so many styles, colors, extensions and everything else available to enhance your look you never have to worry about if you like something because you can change it. Also, remember ladies, it's more important to have healthy hair than unhealthy hair because you did not want to take a risk. Be strong ladies you can handle it, we know it! The last question is "Do I need it" and that's where the 3 signs you need the big chop come in.

3 signs you need the big chop!

1. You are transitioning and you have a year's worth of new growth! This means you likely have split ends and damaged chemically altered ends that are stringy and lifeless. If this is you it's time to let it go and chop it off! You have a year's worth of new growth to work with and you should work it naturally instead of allowing you are to become more damaged.

2. You have alopecia or balding! If you find that you have bald spots and alopecia occurring it is time to consider the big chop! Bald spots and alopecia often occur during friction or weight. When you feel that you are having issues with your hair and balding it is best to cut the hair off and start over to get your hair to a healthier place.

3. A fresh start! Whether its a bad break-up, a new journey, or it just feels like the right time the big chop can be the perfect change. Getting to know the curly you can be uplifting and refreshing so if you are ready for something new take the leap and BIG CHOP!

Always remember hair grows back its most important to keep it healthy first then you can be curlicious!

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