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Get the Knots Out! Detangle Natural Hair!

How to detangle natural hair


As a Naturalista, you may often use protective styles for length retention, damage repair, or just a break for your hair and for yourself! Protective styles are any style that lasts more than four weeks including weaves, braids, crochets, cornrows, senegalese, etc.

Today we are going to review how to detangle your hair after months of protective styling! Follow this step by step guide and your hair will be back to greatness and ready to show off before you know it!

Tools Needed: Rat-tail comb, paddle brush, and hair shampooing supplies.

Step one: Begin by taking out braids, cornrows, or twist starting from the bottom using rat tail comb. Once the braid is out you will want to focus on that braid only. Do not take out all braids at one!

Step two: Separate hair you just took down into small pieces if not already small and starting from the bottom, still using the rat tail comb, comb out the small piece of the hair until you get to the root. Continue combing out the single piece until you can seamlessly work your way from top to bottom. Be gentle!

Note: When detangling hair that has been in a style for months do not use detanglers, conditioners, or water to assist you in the process. Products and water will create more mess, especially on the dirty hair. We strongly suggest working with you hair dry to prevent unnecessary damage while detangling.

Step Three: Continue step number two across entire head using rat tail comb.

Step Four: Use rat tail comb to pull up any dandruff. Use the teeth of the comb to rub scalp.

Step Five: Shampoo Hair (Click here for how to shampoo your hair) Do at least two shampoos and a deep conditioner, then apply leave-in conditioner.

Step Six: Use a paddle brush to brush your freshly cleaned hair from tip to root and your hair will be completely detangled and clean!

Viola! You are all done!

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