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Is my hair clean? DIY Wash Day.

You would think that shampooing your hair is a simple enough task. Just lather up all over using a palm full of shampoo and then rinse it all out and repeat. However, did you know that soaping up from roots to ends with an abundance of sudsy lather or repeating the process is not really necessary? It’s true! In fact, you may be wasting a fair amount of your favorite shampoo on a misconception about outdated instructions originally designed to sell more soap. Kind of eye-opening, isn’t it?

The “correct” way to cleanse your tresses is to simply apply a sparing amount of shampoo to your already damp scalp and massage gently. Allow it to set for about a minute and then rinse well. This will remove any dirt, debris or build up at the root while stimulating the circulation of your scalp. As you rinse out the soap, it will work its way down the hair shaft and gently cleanse all the way through the ends. Using this method eliminates the need to massage soap through your ends or to repeat the process. Unless you have extremely dirty hair, it can be a waste of shampoo.

Also, you don’t want to over cleanse your hair. Some shampoos can strip your hair of the natural oils, which moisturizes strands and protects from damage and breakage. You simply want to remove the dirt, sweat or other debris but leave the right balance of natural oils. With that in mind, know that it’s not necessary to shampoo every single day. Unless your hair is really dirty or you have oily roots, shampooing every other day, even every two days is actually healthier for your hair.

When it comes to conditioning, you may need to take a different tactic. Unless your scalp is very dry, only apply conditioner to everything except the roots. Concentrate on the ends, as they are usually in need of the most conditioning. Slather on the conditioner and work it into your hair, even comb it through, allowing it to set for a couple of minutes before rinsing.

In addition to the right way to use shampoo, the key to effective cleansing is to use a shampoo (and conditioner) that’s right for your hair type, texture and condition.

If you’re not sure, just ask us… After all, we’re the experts on this stuff!

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