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Beeswax + Locs = Nonono!

First, let’s start with what is beeswax?

Beeswax is a sticky yellowish mold-able substance secreted by honeybees as the material of honeycomb.

Beeswax has many uses. It can be used for candle-making, polishing furniture, moisturizing skin and even hair care!

Many of our Loc'd clients (#locnation) ask us about using beeswax to retwist their locs and why wouldn't they!? Beeswax is 100 percent organic, with a great hold, and a pretty decent smell. However the article is titled, None of Your Beeswax so no, we don't suggest it, and here's why!

Although beeswax is an all natural and pure substance, unfortunately it has one very unfavorable quality, it's a waterproof embalming agent! Beeswax has been used to waterproof many things from tools, to cars, even shoes! How do you wash waterproof hair? You don't! It's wash-waterproof. That being said, every time you use beeswax it creates more and more build up as the sticky substance makes a home on your locs, collects dust, and leaves that white cast of horror all loc'd beauties want to avoid. The most surprising thing is beeswax is/was used for is mummifying bodies! The process of mummifying is used for preserving and keeping any elements from penetrating the object being preserved. This means that when you put beeswax on your locs you are not only waterproofing them you are keeping out all the oxygen and moisture your hair needs to flourish. A travesty right?! This is one unfavorable characteristic that we believe makes beeswax worth avoiding all together!

So you tell me, does beeswax still sound like the best option for your locs!?





What products should you use for your locs?

We suggest using a water-soluble, moisturizing gel for your locs. We offer a Curl Defining Gel with Marula Oil that is water-soluble and paraben free!

(Click the picture to get yours today!)

Remember a little goes a long way!

What to do if you already used beeswax on your locs and you want to get it out?

We don’t want to leave our beeswax using Zamorites hanging, so here is a solution to the wash-proof beeswax buildup problem you may be having.

Grab some oil like olive oil or preferably our healing oil for hair and skin; put the oil on top of the beeswax and allow the oil to penetrate the beeswax and hair gently working the beeswax out of your locs with a pulling, twisting and squeezing motion. With patience and diligence this process will remove all or most of the beeswax build-up from you locs and your hair will once again be clean.

Have you ever used beeswax on your locs? What was your experience? Let us know below!

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