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4 Reasons NOT to get a Dominican Blow-Out!

The Dominican Blow Out is a hair service that makes your hair straight flowing and gorgeous giving you that “Beyonce + Fan = Iconic” look. I am sure most of us have thought to ourselves “I want to get a blow out!” If not for the look maybe for the fall length check. Blow outs look great but are there any risk associated with getting this style at what’s known as the “Dominican Salon”? The answer is YES. Not all salons are made equal but when we did our research on Dominican Blow Out Salons we found a lot of questionable behavior and complaints.

Remember, don’t shoot the messenger.

Here are 4 reasons NOT to get a Dominican Blow-Out!

1. My Hair is Damaged: The first and most obvious reason is the heat damage. For those of you who don’t know the Dominican Salon blow out process, it goes something like this. First, you get your hair washed, then roller set, then blow-dried, then finally flat ironed. That is three rounds of heat! Not only does this process require more heat than most hair can handle in many cases these salons use blow drying and straightening equipment on extremely high heat levels that can cause IMMEDIATE breakage!

2. You Need to Relax: Some Dominican Salons have been known to mix ingredients like shampoo and conditioner with RELAXER! Check out this post from a Naturalista who was hijacked of her curls HERE! It is suggested on many Natural Hair Forums that to be safe when going to a Dominican Salon, take your own products.

3. Bye Bye Bye Curls: With all the heat damage and possibility of relaxers considered you can also say goodbye to your curls and that BLOWS (ha ha)! Although the style will likely look great after your blow out service many times after applying tons of heat to your hair your hair is so damaged that it loses its beautiful curl pattern. This can be high risk for those of us who love our curls.

4. Reset: The road to recovery after getting a damaging Dominican Blow Out can be long and upsetting. You are not only risking losing your curls you are compromising the health of your hair. Many times people are forced to cut their hair and restart their natural hair journey. Can you imagine all the work and years you put into your natural being erased in 45 minutes?

I must reiterate that not all Dominican Salon’s are made equal and there are salons that give Dominican Blow Outs that will show your hair the tender love and care it deserves. However, we suggest that you #1 Do your research, #2 Prepare your hair to take the heat, and #3 Consider a Natural Hair Salon.

We know a lot of Natural Hair Salon’s do not do the straight styles but we do and healthy natural hair is our mission. (Shameless Plug)

Thanks for reading! Check out our products and other blogs to learn more about your natural hair and how to protect it! Here!

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