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Your Thinning Locs Can Be Saved

If your locs are thinning or breaking, our locticians in Maryland and Washington, DC can save them. Many clients come to Zamora Natural Hair Salon with thinning, brittle locs, thinking the only thing they can do is cut the hair away and start fresh. Not true. With proper reinforcement and care, we at Zamora Natural Hair Salon can give you the strong, healthy, beautiful locs you desire, or replenish the healthy locs you had when you first began your loc journey. Clients experience loc damage from many causes, and we are equipped to handle them all. Reasons for loc damage include:

  • Poorly started locs-- locs twisted in the wrong direction or formed using unhealthy, insoluble products

  • Friction from cotton pillows and rough towels

  • Buildup of waxes or jams

  • Over-manipulation

  • Tight hairstyles that pull and cause thinning at the hairline

  • Unhealthy scalp conditions

  • At home dyes and improper application of chemicals

Using a water-soluble gel, we can roll together thinning locs to offer them additional support. We can also offer deep conditioning and moisturizing treatments for your hair and scalp to ensure continued healthy growth. Healthy locs require a precise balance of moisture: enough to hydrate the hair and seal in lubrication, but not so much to unravel hair that is in the process of locking. Providing your hair with the right amount of moisture is one way in which locticians keep your hair growing strong. When locs lack moisture, they may become brittle and fall apart.

Even if you lose a loc, our loctitians in Washington, DC and Maryland can still save it. Just because a damaged loc falls out, doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. Your Washington, DC loctician can reattach the fallen loc and reinforce it so that it is sturdier than ever. Otherwise, if you have lost the hair, consult with our locticians about adding human hair to your locs. Loc extensions utilize kinky human hair and are useful if you wish to replace lost locs, add instant length to locs, or give thinning locs a thicker, fuller appearance. The cost of additional hair is not included in repair service.

Ideally, we do not want your locs to experience any damage, but to flourish as soon as they sprout from your head and throughout your journey. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Through our own errors, and through the work of previous stylists, our locs may find themselves in need of repair. An experienced loctician from Zamora Natural Hair Salon can fortify your locs against past and future damage. If you’re looking to save your locs, contact Zamora today and schedule a free consultation.

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