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Let a Professional Give Your Locs the Care they Deserve

Our locticians in MD specialize in a variety of natural hair styles, including those that involve “locs” or “dreads”. There are multiple methods for starting locs and for loc maintenance in the MD & DC area. At Zamora Natural Hair Salon, we utilize the palm-rolling technique to provide a smooth, cylindrical loc with an organic appearance. Palm rolled locs carry a certain “prestige” within some communities, because they are considered the most “natural” form. We at Zamora natural hair salon are fans of all healthy and well-kept locs, regardless of the method behind them. At our natural hair salon, however, we choose the palm rolling method for these unique benefits:

  • A smooth, cylindrical, more natural appearance

  • Fuller, thicker locs

  • Less visible bending and creasing

  • Simpler, less costly maintenance

  • Potential to be removed without cutting, should you decide on a different look in the future

For our loc maintenance, we use a water-soluble gel, allowing the hair to compress and lock together, creating and holding the loc form ,without the use of sometimes harmful waxes and/or jams. The result is a strong, healthy and beautiful natural hairstyle you can wear with versatility.

Locs are a great style for those who live busy, active lives and prefer not to spend time on daily maintenance. However, locs do require attention and care and, because this is a semi-permanent hairstyle, that care is best carried out by a professional loctician’s hands. The right loctician in DC/ Maryland can help strengthen your roots and even reattach broken locs. When it comes to natural hair, strength and health are the foundation of beauty.

Along with your loc maintenance, our Temple Hills natural hair salon can also provide styling to enhance the natural aesthetics of your locs, and protect freshly rolled locs as they are “trained” into their form. Most importantly, we will handle your locs with care while styling, and create fresh, revitalizing styles that are gentle on your roots.

During your loc maintenance in DC / Maryland, we can also take the time to assess any previous damage and strengthen locs that may be in need of reinforcement. If your locs are experiencing thinning or breakage from unnecessary stress on the hair, we can certainly help. Locs have many expressions throughout various cultures, and for many, they are a symbol of both pride and strength. At Zamora Natural Hair Salon, our handiwork helps build you upon these attributes.

Whether your locs were started on two-strand twists, single twists or through another method, our natural hair salon in the Washington, DC area can provide excellent maintenance, so you may look and feel your best as you go about your daily routine. Let a professional give your locs the care they deserve. Contact Zamora today to schedule a free consultation.

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