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Natural Hair Advice For Blondes

The best tip for blonde natural hair care is to get the right color! Blonde is the trickiest of all hair colors. There is obviously the unfair stigma that accompanies being a blonde, whether natural or bottled. Aside from the emotional flack that many natural blondes receive, is the physical. If you have the wrong blonde shade, it will do nothing for you.

1. Get The Yellow Out The absolute worse problem for blondes is getting a bright blonde color and keeping the yellow out. No matter what, yellow is made for school buses, not your head! It has never been a natural color, and it does not look good. The best way to get blonde natural hair, with either all over color or highlights, is to find a great stylist. It is harder than you might think. Not all natural hair stylists know how to color natural hair. Some either know blonde hair or they don’t. Communicate with your stylist over exactly

what it is you want. Do not be timid. Bring in pictures of what you do want, and tell them no yellow! Many say toner will take it out, but sometimes using a toner can turn the hair more yellow. Using a purple shampoo can counter act the yellow.

2. Condition, Condition, Condition before you go to the natural hair salon you should know that when your hair is being processed with bleach, it can be extremely damaging. You can use store bought or homemade conditioners with recipes that include mayonnaise, eggs, olive oil, or avocados the options are endless. No matter what though use a conditioner every day. You can even use a leave-in for better results and deep condition at least once ot twice a week.

3. Know When It’s Not For You Blonde is not for everyone. It is one color that you either are or are not. You can choose between honey and dark blonde to the beautiful look of well-done platinum. Where the correct makeup for the blonde hair color and tone it down, the hair is often bold enough. Some skin tones are not fit for a blonde hair color so maybe a medium brown would be more fitting.

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