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Learn How to Style Natural Hair

Welcome to our Textured Hair/Natural Hair Course, where we embarkon a transformative journey celebrating the beauty and diversity of natural hair. This comprehensive program is meticulously crafted to empower you with a wealth of knowledge and hands-on skills, covering an array of top trending techniques in the world of textured hair care. From mastering the art of precision cutting, vibrant coloring, and various curling methods to perfecting twists, twist-outs, wash and go styles, coils, flat twists, shampooing and blow-dry techniques, ponytails, rod sets, bantu knots, and stunning updos, our course ensures that you become a versatile and confident natural hair artist.

Natural Hair Classes

Foundations of Textured/Natural Hair
- Understanding Different Hair Types and Textures
- Hair and Scalp Anatomy
- Common Challenges and Solutions in Textured Hair Care
- Texture Consultation Techniques

Hair Cutting for Textured Hair
- Precision Cutting for Coily and Curly Hair
- Layering Techniques for Definition
- Customizing Cuts Based on Curl Pattern
- Addressing Shrinkage and Volume Management

Coloring Techniques for Natural Hair
- Understanding Textured Hair Color Chemistry
- Balayage and Ombre for Curly Hair
- Vibrant Colors on Textured Hair
- Safe and Effective Use of Color on Natural Hair

Curling Methods for Natural Hair
- Heat-Free Curling Techniques
- Curling Wand Techniques for Various Styles
- Enhancing Natural Curl Patterns
- Creating Defined and Loose Curls

Twist and Twist-Out Techniques
- Two-Strand Twist Basics
- Twist-Out Styles and Maintenance
- Combining Twists with Other Styles
- Achieving Volume with Twist-Outs

Wash and Go Styling
- Proper Wash and Go Techniques
- Products for Successful Wash and Go Styles
- Maintaining Hydration and Definition
- Combating Shrinkage in Wash and Go Styles

Coils and Flat Twists
- Creating Defined Coils
- Flat Twist Basics and Styling Options
- Incorporating Coils and Flat Twists in Updos
- Maintaining Coil and Flat Twist Styles

Beauty portrait of African American girl with afro hair. Beautiful black woman. Cosmetics,
Beautiful fashionable slender young woman from Santo Domingo with long curly black hair we


Shampooing and Blow Dry Techniques
- Proper Shampooing for Textured Hair
- Blow-Drying Tips for Minimal Damage
- Sectioning and Detangling for Effective Blowouts
- Incorporating Blowouts into Various Styles

Ponytails, Rod Sets, and Bantu Knots
- Sleek and Creative Ponytail Styles
- Achieving Defined Rod Sets
- Bantu Knot Techniques and Styling Options
- Mixing and Matching Styles for Versatility

Updo Styling
- Protective Updos for Natural Hair
- Bridal Updos for Textured Hair
- Trendy Bun Styles
- Creative and Artistic Updo Techniques

Pricing Services and Consultations
- Setting Competitive Pricing for Textured Hair Services
- Conducting Effective Consultations
- Recommending Services Based on Client Needs
- Building Client Relationships and Loyalty

Capstone Project: Real-world Application 
- Design and Execute a Comprehensive Textured Hair Look
- Create a Pricing Structure for a Variety of Textured Hair Services
- Develop and Present a Consultation Plan for a Diverse Clientele
- Showcase a Portfolio of Various Textured Hair Styles and Techniques

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey in natural hair care, our course is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of textured hair, embracing your creativity, and becoming a trailblazer in the ever-evolving world of natural hair beauty. Join us and discover the artistry, joy, and fulfillment that come with mastering the intricacies of textured and natural hair care.

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