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A Little About Me

Because my mother and my grandmother were both fashion designers  I was designing and sewing clothes at the age of 15. My passion for the fashion and beauty industry as a whole is in my blood, I can't even help it. At 18 after graduating from The High School of Fashion Industries I went to pursue my cosmetology license.


At the age of 23, as a single parent of my one and only son, I fearlessly opened my first salon, demonstrating entrepreneurial spirit, and later sold it for a 100% profit. My journey continued with an AAS degree in fashion design and merchandising, seamlessly blending creative flair with business acumen.

Fast forward to now with over two decades of expertise as a licensed cosmetologist, specializing in natural hair care, I bring a wealth of experience and passion to the beauty industry.

In 2017, I expanded my impact by owning a second salon, which I transformed into a school after recognizing the need for enhanced education and confidence among stylists. Realizing the transformative power of education along with the pandemic, in 2020, I made the strategic decision to close the brick-and-mortar establishment and transition fully to an online platform, which is still in operation to this day.


Throughout my career, I have held key positions, such as Chanel Cosmetics Brand Manager at Saks Fifth Avenue and Department Manager at Nordstrom. In addition to my associate degree, I hold a BA in Fashion management and merchandising, an international certificate in product management, and another in strategy and leadership.


I am currently providing freelance services to businesses seeking leadership and advisory guidance. I specialize in luxury sales, operations management, branding, product management, and development within the domains of hair, beauty, and fashion.


Offering services like public speaking, group business coaching, one-on-one consulting, and serving as a freelance virtual CEO, I am dedicated to bringing innovation and excellence to the hair, beauty, and fashion industry. My dynamic career trajectory showcases a proven record of success, making me a valuable asset to any team or organization.



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